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Knee Surgery

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The knee joint is comprised of a complex system of bone, cartilage, and ligaments to create a strong hinge joint that can support the body’s weight and enable lower leg mobility. Injury to or arthritis of certain parts of the knee can cause persistent pain along with difficulty standing and walking. When non-surgical treatment options have failed to deliver the desired results, our orthopaedic surgeons may consider a variety of surgical approaches and joint replacement devices to achieve optimal improvement in joint function and pain reduction.

At Garden State Orthopaedic Associates, a full medical evaluation using state-of-the-art diagnostic technology is always the first step in developing an effective surgical treatment plan. Based on the information gathered during this assessment, the treatment approach is then highly customized to meet the specific needs and lifestyle of the patient. The goal is always to use the least invasive method possible to restore health and proper function to the knee, while limiting post-surgical discomfort and recovery time.

Knee Repair and Replacement Procedures

Our experienced surgeons perform several types of surgery for repairing and replacing certain affected structures of the knee complex. The most common knee problems our patients face involve various degrees of cartilage and/or ligament damage that cause discomfort, disability, and diminished quality of life. The advanced knee surgeries we perform include the following:

If you have sustained a knee injury or developed problematic knee pain, we encourage you to contact Garden State Orthopaedic Associates to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled orthopaedic surgeons.