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Hip Surgery

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When the hip joint becomes damaged, issues such as consistent pain, dysfunction, and stiffness can have a profound effect on mobility and quality of life. Whether the damage is caused by arthritis, wear, or traumatic injury, many individuals struggle to perform routine daily activities and may require a cane or walker to remain ambulatory as the condition of the joint progressively worsens. Thankfully, state-of-the-art surgical procedures, like hip replacement, can restore health and proper function to the hip joint. Our orthopaedic surgeons at Garden State Orthopaedic Associates offer a variety of surgical options that have helped patients of many ages and lifestyles regain their mobility and comfort for a fuller, more enjoyable life.

Each surgical hip procedure we perform is preceded by a thorough diagnostic evaluation to assess your precise needs and develop a customized treatment plan. The innovative techniques and high-quality medical devices we incorporate into hip resurfacing and hip replacement procedures are all designed to deliver optimal results for our patients.

Hip Replacement Procedures

By offering a range of procedures, we are able to match you with the right surgical option for your needs that requires the least amount of recovery time. If you have previously undergone unsuccessful hip procedures, our experienced surgeons can use their diagnostic and surgical expertise to perform revision hip replacement surgeries aimed at achieving a more comfortable and functional end result.

To learn more about these hip procedures, please click on the links below to find informative pages dedicated to explaining each surgery.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with one of our orthopaedic surgeons to discuss hip surgery, please contact our office.